Solid Phase Extraction (SPE)

The types of SPE Cartridges offered are shown below. 

Please look at this section of the catalogue for the specifics.

SPE section Gs-Tek catalogue

Adsorption sorbents Florisil, PestiCarb, Alumina(N, A, B). They are commonly used to remove polar interference from non-polar samples. Cleanert adsorption sorbents have high purity, high recovery and good reproducibility. They are widely used in sample preparation for environmental and food analysis.

Polymeric sorbents PEP, HXN, PS. They are all based on polystyrene/divinylbenzene, which has a larger surface area and a greater capacity compared with silica based sorbents. PS is the alternative of Waters Oasis HLB. The polarity of HXN is between the polarity of PS and PEP. It is designed for the extraction of sulfonylureas from water and soil. It can also be used to extract, enrich and clean up samples from mid polar to high polar compounds. Average particle diameter: 35µm; Average pore size: 80Å; Specific surface area: 600m2/g.

Silica-base sorbents
C18, C18-N, C8, NH2, COOH, Silica, PSA, PRS, SCX, SAX; All of them are made by high quality and pure
silica particles. Using the special surface modification methodology, the activity of the silica surface is reduced
largely, which in turn reduces the tailing of compounds and ensures high recovery and good reproducibility.



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