Venusil HPLC Columns

GS-Tek has developed a strategic marketing alliance with Agela Tech, our HPLC column line manufacturer and provider, for one-stop chromatography product shipping. Our HPLC columns are separated into the following categories.

For product number and more detailed information please refer to this section of the catalogue.

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Venusil XBP

Venusil XBP columns are bonded to the maximum density to have the highest hydrophobicity (the lowest
polarity), the lowest interaction of analytes with silanol, high stability at high pH's and the broadest pH range.

Venusil AQ-C18

Venusil AQ-C18 columns are designed for the separation of polar, semi-polar and non-polar compounds at low to medium pH's. They are more polar than XBP-C18 and less polar than ASB-C18. They are true C18 columns. However, due to a special surface treatment, they are compatible with 100% aqueous mobile phase. They are stable at a pH of 1.5-9.0 and are the preferred replacement for Waters Symmetry, Inertsil C18, Zorbax SB, and many other AQ columns like Atlantis dC18.

Venusil SCX

SCX HPLC columns are made of spherical silica particles of the highest purity (>99.999%), and bonded with an aromatic sulfuric acid group. They can be used to separate basic, water-soluble compounds and bio-molecules.

Venusil HILIC

HILIC is a unique phase that is very different from other stationary phases in its separation mechanism. It can be used as a RP or a NP column. It has superior performance to other HILIC columns on the market. It has superior retention for polar compounds when operated as a HILIC column

Venusil XBP(L)

XBP(L) C18 columns have the same bonded phases as the XBP C18 columns. However, XBP(L) C18 has a
relatively low surface area which allows compounds to have shorter retention times. These columns are excellent alternatives to Hypersil BDS-C18 and Hypersil BDS-C8. XBP(L) C18 columns have a relatively large pore sizes (150 Å) and are suitable for the separation of large molecules.

Venusil ASB

The Venusil ASB column is specifically designed for the separation of polar compounds from low (extremely stable at pH=1) to medium pH. The stationary phase is end-capped with polar groups and thus has the highest polarity among Venusil family columns. This column can be used to replace Water Atlantis, Zorbax SB, and other brand AQ columns. Pore size: 150Å; Specific surface: 200m2/g; Purity>99.999%

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