CTC Autosamplers

For more then 10 years we have been the leaders in the support of the CTC instruments systems and we offer a wide range of systems with installation, service and training if necessary.

Our most popular CTC autosamplers are the CombiPAL and the HTS because of their capacity to adapt to most clients needs easily. The CombiPAL was developed for GC applications and the HTSPAL for HPLC applications but if you have any kind of routine sample preparation or if you need to inject sample (liquid or gaseous) into any instrument, we are convinced one of these little robot can do it for you, efficiently and reliably. Do not hesitate to contact us, we can help you and rapidly point you to which system suits your needs.

Ready-to-use systems

Autosamplers specially developed for GC applications:

  • liquid injection
  • headspace
  • SPME (solid-phase microextraction)
  • ITEX (in-tube extraction)

    Autosamplers specially developed for HPLC applications:

  • liquid injection
  • sample preparation
  • fraction extraction

    Feature products

    The Combi PAL and the HTS PAL are the two most popular autosamplers we sell because of their versatility.


    for GC applications


    for LC applications

    combi pal logo-xt


    hts pal logo-xt

    combi pal

    More details about the CombiPAL

    Combi PAL brochure

    GC accessories catalogue


    More info about the LC systems

    Brochure for HPLC systems

    LC accessories catalogue

    Liquid or static headspace

    Can be upgraded to

    SPME (solid-phase microextractions)

    ITEX (in-tube extractions)

    MHE (multiple headspace extractions)

    Max sample capacity:

  • 1ml vials, up to 600 vials
  • 2ml vials, up to 294 vials
  • 10ml vials, up to 96 vials
  • 20ml vials, up to 96 vials
  • 96 wells microplates, up to 8 plates
  • 384 wells microplates, up to 8 plates
  • 96 deepwells plates, up to 8 plates

    80 cm width

    Combi PAL-xt extended wider model also available : 120 cm


    Flexible Configuration

    Max. Sample Capacity

  • 2ml vials, up to 972 vials
  • 96/384 Deepwell plates, up to 18 plates
  • 96/384 Shallow well plates, up to 24 plates

  • Cooled Sample Storage Option

    Max. Injection Valves

  • Two 2 position 6-port valves
  • Optional 2 and 3 Valve Operation
  • Multiposition Valve Drives

  • PAL Dilutor Option

    80 cm width

    HTX PAL-xt wider model also available : 120 cm



  • Liquid injection volume up to 500µl for LVI applications
  • Syringe only concept, no sample loops, transfer lines or valves
  • Injects into 4 different injectors without hardware modifications
  • Top mounted, saves bench
  • Uncompromising precision and sample capacity
  • Interfaces with any major GC/GC MS system


  • Front End Automation for LC and LC-MS microplate applications
  • Fast injection cycle time
  • Ready for "Open Access" technology
  • Interfaces with any major LC-MS system


    The great advantage of these systems is the possibility to adapt them to an infinite range of applications, they were design to allow customization. There are many example of people using them in calorimetry, viscometry, and spectroscopy. Procedures that involve redundancy or some kind of pattern can be easily implemented. Call one of our specialists today to talk about how to improve productivity and reproducibility in your lab.

    Click here for some examples.


    These autosamplers can be ordered with a wide range of accessories to heat, cool, stir, store, rinse, dilute consult this page for more details.

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